First of all: Safety and Cleanness

At the processing of food safety and cleanness take first place. With TEKALEN HYGENIA® you have a material that suit the high demands of gastronomy, backeries, fish processing industry and food trade.

HYGENIA®-Cutting boards correspond to the internation hygiene regulations.


Made up of massiv, high quality plastics they are break and cut resistant, resistant to moisture and light in weight and can be cleaned - in the dish washer. The material will also not dull the blades of expensive knives.

HYGENIA® cutting boards are avaible in many different version: wether with a juice gutter, a juice catcher or a metal handle - we can meet your requirements.


Colourful organisers
FEUROBOARD® coloured cutting boards make for order in the kitchen. The six different colours can be easily assigned to the varios food groups to use. 

Advantages of EUROBOARD® vutting boards:

  • No bacterial cross-contamination
  • No transfer of flavours or smells
  • Greater safety and exemplary hygiene

all deserve a special mention in addition the established of our HYGENIA® cutting boards.

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