Protection elements and load carrier

TEKALEN® Protection elements:
Our TEKALEN® protection elements are excellently suited for water and canal construction, fenders in port facilities or bank reinforcements because they meet the high technical reqirements. 

TEKALEN® protection strips:
TEKALEN® protection strips save walls and all heavily used surface from damage and wear. Even at low temperature in cooling rooms or ice sport stadiums, TEKALEN® protection stribs, bands and handrails provide safety for people and materials. They guarantee longterm maintenance of the operating rooms and reduce repair costs. 

Tekalen® bunker lining:
The positive characteristics of TEKALEN® provide for:

  • Exccellent gliding properties 
  • Non-stick ability
  • Outstanding wear 
  • High impact and noteched impact strength
  • No water absorption
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Sound damping 


TEKALEN® load carriers

The challenge with the subject of load carrier inserts are the numerous functions, which they assume - with respectively new demands from material and design. TERBRACK load carrier inserts secure and hold reliably, can be designed individually to an almost unlimited extent and therefore are hard to beat as far as flexibility is concerned. Maximum quality plastics ensure enormous load-bearing capacity, stability against breakages, low abrasion and long durability - the ideal solution for all transport, storage and securty of load situation!


You can place your bet on the following!

  • Individual, solutions-oriented design and colouring: we supply you costumized load carrier inserts
  • Only the plastics made of high-quality raw materials: the most versatile fields of use, high resilience and long durability
  • Comprehensice advice in advance and technical implementation


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